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How to find FUNKO POP Exclusives?

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Use the drop-down box below to choose the Funko POP! Exclusivity you are interested in and you will see only those POPS!

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Exclusive FUNKO POPS

Check the latest POPS available on eBay for 2021 NYCC Exclusives.

Exclusive Funko POPS! are often the most sought-aft POPS by Funko collectors since they offer a limited edition.

FUNKO Finder

Use our Funko Finder above to see exclusive only POPS listed on eBay. We are currently tracking:

  • 2020 Fall Convention Exclusive
  • 2020 Spring Convention Exclusive
  • 2021 NYCC Convention Exclusive
  • 2021 Summer Convention Exclusive
  • Amazon Exclusive
  • Barnes & Noble Exclusive
  • Best Buy Exclusive
  • Box Lunch Exclusive
  • Collector Corps Exclusive
  • Disney Parks Exclusive
  • ECCC Exclusive
  • EE Exclusive
  • Foot Locker Exclusive
  • Funko Shop Exclusive
  • FYE Exclusive
  • Gamestop Exclusive
  • Hot Topic Exclusive
  • Pop In A Box Exclusive
  • Smuggler’s Bounty Exclusive
  • Target Exclusive
  • Toy Tokyo Exclusive
  • Walgreens Exclusive
  • Walmart Exclusive

Variants include CHASE editions, Retailer Exclusives (Amazon, Target, Walmart, …) or FUNKO Convention limited editions such as the recent FALL NYCC event.